Bathroom mosaic shower mosaic Carbone Multi

Carbone Multi

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Bathroom mosaic shower mosaic Carbone Multi.

Mosaic offers a range of products specially adapted for your splashback of kitchen glass or your soil and shower walls. 

You will find glass of glass mosaic tiles and glass tiles.

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Width 30 cm
Depth 8 mm
Weight 1,2 kg
Matiere Pierre
Quantite 1 plaque
taille carreaux 73mm x 73mm
Height 30 cm

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Bathroom mosaic shower mosaic Carbone Multi.

Our mosaics and tiles of glass they are shiny or dull aspects are perfectly impermeable and highly resistant to chemicals, high temperatures, as well as abrasion.

Enjoy brightness and brilliance that it will bring to your bathrooms and kitchens for the walls or floors (Italian shower, sideboard kitchen, work plan, pool, spa, hammam.

Composition of a plate of glass mosaic:

Each pane of glass is attached to a nylon frame that forms a large plate)± 30x30cm), this facilitates the installation of glass mosaic.

Laying of glass mosaic plates, must be made on a medium rigid, regular, smooth, dry and dust-free.

It uses the same glues and tools for the installation of a tile or a traditional mosaic.

Tile cutting is done with a simple pliers or pliers to mosaic.

The mosaic glass tiles is done in two steps:

The first is to apply the glue on the support with a Tiler comb (2 or 3 mm).

Then position the plates the next to each other.

The second step (after drying of the first stage), is to make the joints between the panes of glass with a plastic trowel and clean the excess glue with a damp sponge.

Cleaning, maintenance of glass mosaic tile:

The maintenance is done with a damp sponge, or a household product current.

Never use too abrasive, corrosive cleansers or brushes and metal sponges.

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